Theraputic fusion

East meets West for this stylish London acupuncturist.

Grow positive

A fruitful identity for a revolutionary
horticulture company.

Giving birth to a legend

Evoking the golden age of classic motorcycling
for a brand new tour company.


We bring brands to life and bring life to brands – creating new ones, reinvigorating tired ones and helping successful ones to stay that way.

How do we do it?

We work with our clients across four key areas of branding activity


Thinking before doing; understanding your context; gaining consensus about who you are and what you’re trying to achieve; agreeing a course of action – this is what we mean by strategy and we can help you to define yours.


From a single logo to a multi-layered visual, verbal and tactile vocabulary, we’ll make sure you stand out in a brand-saturated world – different from your competitors, appropriate for your context and appealing to your audiences.


You’re in competition for people’s attention – they have limited time and don’t like it being wasted – so it’s imperative to deliver useful and engaging content. With words and pictures, audio and video, we can help you do just that.


From stationery to exhibitions, vehicle livery to websites, brochures to clothing – we’ll help you make the most of every opportunity. We diligently craft artefacts and experiences that are both memorable and effective.

Does our approach work?

Browse our portfolio and judge for yourself

Here’s what some clients have to say

"Without the enthusiasm, drive and talent of the team at Logic & Magic Inc. my dream would simply not have come to fruition. They believed in my idea and moved heaven and earth to bring it to life. The process has been a joy. If you have a business concept to launch, I urge you to employ them."

− Hugh Birley / Founder / Albion Motorcycles

"Logic & Magic Inc. understood what we needed before we ourselves did, and supported the M4P Hub team in building a brand in the very widest sense that has since helped both to raise our profile but also to clarify and target our messaging."

− Roger Oakeley / Manager / M4PHUB

"The feedback about my new identity and website has been really positive – just look at the comments on my corporate Facebook page if you don't believe me. Thanks for all your hard work. It's beautiful, I love it and so do my clients."

− Chloe Ogden / Founder / Chloe Ogden Acupuncture