Fusion therapy

East meets West for this stylish London acupuncturist

Chloe was drawn to acupuncture by a combined interest in Chinese culture and alternative approaches to healthcare. She studied Mandarin Chinese at University during which she spent a year living and studying in Taiwan.

Having experienced the beneficial effects of acupuncture therapy herself, she qualified from Westminster University with a BSc in acupuncture. At the outset of her new business, she commissioned us to create her identity, website and printed collateral.


Chloe is English yet she practices a Traditional Chinese Medicine, so she was keen to explore and communicate this duality. We needed to demonstrate her cultural awareness yet be authentic about her heritage. In order to combat the negative misconceptions of acupuncture, she also wanted her brand to be more warm and glamorous than stark and clinical.

With her specialist training in the areas of gynaecology, infertility and the treatment of children, it had to be appealing to a female audience – yet without being so gender specific as to alienate men.

On a practical level, her website needed to work on all kinds of digital devices and her printed collateral needed to make the most of her limited startup budget, without compromising her premium positioning.


We developed three initial concepts. Option 2 represented the movement and alignment of chi energy while Option 3 derived its inspiration from the perforation of a patients skin by an acupuncture needle. Both of these articulated Chloe’s initials as a monogram, akin to those used by famous fashion brands. Ancient Chinese ‘Xingming’ personal name seals inspired Chloe’s preferred route, Option 1.

Chloe’s full name is spelt out in custom Latin characters in the ‘zhuwen’ style, with red characters against a white background. We created an actual rubber stamp so that Chloe could add her personal seal to letterheads and envelopes – echoing the tactile nature of the therapy she practices and honouring the manner by which ancient Chinese thinkers, writers, artists and calligraphers would sign their work.

The colour palette of black, bronze, red, white and gold also utilises a palette of colours associated with ancient Chinese artefacts from lacquered cabinets to meditation bowls and works of calligraphy.

Imagery of therapy was kept to a minimum and executed in an appropriately restrained and stylish manner. Supporting imagery displays the five elements of Wu Xing Chinese philosophy: Earth (Tu), Water (Shui), Fire (Huo), Wood (Mu) and Metal (Jin). The visual vocabulary is completed with a range of bespoke icons to represent the different treatments on offer.


After the launch of her new website, she received the following responses on her corporate facebook page, “Love the new website” and “Like the website…..it resizes nicely as well to cater for smaller screens such as iPads and smartphones. Good luck with your new venture.”

Chloe is now practicing successfully from two high-profile, West London clinics and her business continues to grow.