Grow Positive

A fruitful identity for a revolutionary fresh produce company

In a world where water and food shortages are becoming a major problem, Sundrop Farms have developed a groundbreaking technological solution that allows commercially viable, sustainable agriculture to take place in the most arid and inhospitable of locations – using the renewable resources of sunlight and seawater.

We worked closely with Sundrop Farms’ CEO, Philipp Saumweber, to develop the brand and visual identity before the opening of the first commercial trial facility in Port Augusta, South Australia. We are extremely proud to have been involved at the launch of such a potentially world-changing organisation and we urge you to find out more at


The new identity had to communicate the positivity and optimism engendered by Sundrop Farms’ audacious mission – to help resolve the global water shortage and turn deserts into productive farms. It also had to support, illustrate or describe the story behind their groundbreaking technology.
The brand had to fulfill a ‘B2B’ role, representing the organization, the facility and the technology to an audience of potential retail and logistics partners, financial investors, trade media and government institutions – but it also had to function as an attractive fresh produce brand to supermarket shoppers and farmer’s market visitors in Australia.


We started by developing a Brand Foundation™. Brand values were expressed as: Passion, Optimism, Curiosity and Adeptness. Brand personality was described as: Respectful, Articulate, Positive and Energetic. Most importantly the essential narrative of the brand was concisely articulated as ‘Positive Growth’. This was then reinterpreted as the brand’s rallying cry, ‘Grow Positive!’

With the Brand Foundation™ as our yardstick, we started to create. The symbol was inspired by the thought, ‘From a drop of sunshine to a drop of water’, while the arrangement of droplets references ripples, the circulatory nature of the global water cycle and the arrangement of seeds in sunflower seedheads. The shape of the wordmark, and the unique shape of the business cards, can be traced back to the meniscus curve caused by the surface tension of water.

The vibrant colour palette references both sunshine and seawater – with the serendipitous result that a mixture of the two creates the lush green of a verdant oasis. These delicious brights are offset against a deep, calming blue that delivers just the right amount of gravitas.

The visual vocabulary of typefaces combines the professionalism of a clean, contemporary sans serif with the occasional dynamic outburst of greengrocer-style, hand-drawn script.

We then applied these to a range of cornerstone applications from business cards to vehicle livery and workwear. The identity was then handed over to their in-house team who took care of the website and all subsequent aspects of the roll-out.


Such was the potential of Sundrop Farms technology – and the distinctiveness of the visual identity within the sector – the brand started to attract global media attention as soon as the 2,000sqm trial facility was announced. In the first year of operation the facility produced a crop valued at AU$450,000.
In 2014, Sundrop Farms won the South Australian Regional Food Award. In 2015 a new 200,000sqm facility is due to open – producing millions of tons of delicious fresh produce for the Australian market and employing up to 200 people. It certainly smells like success to us 

Size of trial greenhouse
Size of new greenhouse
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